Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Dearest hubby!!!

 It was le hubby's birthday this month and I thought
of making it special for him since its our first time celebrating his
birthday together with my new family. 

Also, back in those days when we were still couples,
he messaged me telling how envy he gotten when he
sees his elder brother carry his daughter to blew the birthday candles together.
Its a hint that he wanted to celebrate with his son!
So his wishes come true.

* * *

Got up in the morning,  head to work as usual
and of course, gave him a smooch and wished him before heading to work.
Probably he was expecting something more like a birthday gift whatsoever
but nah, not doing all these surprise for him early in the morning. lol.

So I was preparing lotsa things for him for his birthday,
and my, as time passed, I've gotten more and more stressed.
I have always wanted to bake a cake personally for him.
And since I am a hard headed person, I do not have attempt for 2nd try
if I failed in this baking. Reason? Not because I'm kiasu but
time constrained. And baking ingredients are awfully expensive since
I will never ever use cheap ingredients, its for everyone to consume into their stomach wey!
So if I failed for once, that's it.
Get a pretty birthday cake in the bakery shop. Settle.

 There I was, searching for top rated cake recipe all over Google.
And yes, being a picky person in most of things and food,
I was too picky on cake recipe too. Lol.
But being a picky person is a great thing I must say.
The recipe was a life savor for me, yes, 2nd time baking a cake for someone
and it turned out to be most complimented cake ever.
Compliments are so so important for me, you get to improve yourself for
better each and everytime you receive critics and compliments.

Finally settle down with one of the highest rated choc cake recipe.
No worries, I shall post the recipe soon in next post.
Stay tune for it.

 Preparing all the ingredients.
And yes, you can see the results of the cake made by a
basic baker here :D
Was pleased on the results. And yes, balloons decorations are just too cute
to resist. Birthday candles too, colorful ones.
Everything is specially made by me, except for the candles and plastic balloons.
Just love the results <3 p="">


 Heading for dinner in a Chinese restaurant in Puchong.

 Don't remember the name but if you know the Twins cafe, 
then you should know this restaurant. Its opened by the same owner. :)

Love the salted egg yolk fry with long beans the most, yummeh!

 And that's it. Some simple dish. :)
Not introducing much here. :D


Back in the house, the surprise.
I am glad hubby was smiling all the time because
he was surprise. Everyone was surprised actually
on the cake I made, haha. Love it.
And birthday pressie from me to le hubby, an iPad mini. <3>

Last but not least, a family portrait and some pictures hubby
blowing the candle while carrying baby Mac <3 p="">

Happy birthday dearest, I love you the most!


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